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Now is the time the world needs to go further and faster to tackle climate change. The latest IPCC report shows that if we fail to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels we risk reaching climatic tipping points.

Companies need to respond quickly by committing to relevant sustainability initiatives, setting realistic emissions reduction goals, and making strategic decisions to secure their future business.


At Enviroet we provide holistic approaches for Environmental and Sustainability Solutions and strategic plans to support accelerating our journey to carbon neutrality.

About the founder

Amit Lotan

Amit is a leading sustainability practitioner with twenty years of experience in managing environment and safety projects in international companies. He has worked in numerous sectors such as chemical, pharma, electronics, consumer goods, as well as in the energy and renewable energy industries.


Amit’s experience not only covers sustainable business strategies but as an environmental engineer he boasts excellent expertise in life cycle assessments, GHG accounting and MRV.


Amit is currently undertaking PhD research at Ben Gurion University, focussing on LCA for green building….

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