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Now is the time the world needs to go further and faster to tackle climate change. the latest IPCC report showing that if we fail to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels we risk reaching climate tipping points. Companies need to respond quickly by committing to relevant sustainability initiatives, setting realistic emissions reduction goals, and making strategic decisions to secure their future business.

Environmental and Sustainability Solutions

At enviroet we provide holistic approach for Environmental and Sustainability Solutions and strategic plans support accelerating our journey to carbon neutrality. We:


Sustainability Science-based Goals that meet your organization vision and mission →


Sustainable Indicators through monitoring, audits, surveys, statistics and agreed commitments →


Processes, products, and services with tools such Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Carbon Footprint Calculation (CFP), Environmental Risk Assessment methods (ERA) and Climate Performance Potential (CPP) →


By developing and implementing environmental practical solutions across all organizational units as part of short and long-term well build sustainability strategy plan →


Company's Environmental and Sustainable Management Systems through procedures, ISO14001 and other relevant certifications and EHS&S software, while engage employees and top management, and establish good communication methods to stakeholders, investors, and public relations. Aiming to assimilate these processes as part of the organizational culture including training, qualifications, and knowledge hub


climate and sustainability-related disclosure standards / guidance such as ESG, EPD, CDP, TCFD, TNFD, GRI, SASB, SBTi amongst others, collaborating with accountant and financial firms

For Investors and Startups – we provide a full environmental assessment report to verify that your solution has a real impact with well build sustainability plan and no regulation setbacks
For startups – we assist with the technical and environmental data needed for applications to EU sustainability and energy transition funds

Our experience

Managing sustainability, Environment and Safety for the last 20 years in global companies in the Chemical, Pharma, Electronics, consumer goods, Energy & Renewable Energy industries

  • LCA for Renewable Energy and Energy storage technologies
  • Implement Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Recycling methods
  • Generate new business opportunities, industry networks and relationships with a focus on climate change and decarbonization agendas



Environmental Engineering M.Sc. + MBA

Ben Gurion University

Financing and Deploying Clean Energy

Yale University

Sustainable Business Strategy

 Harvard Business School

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